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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Looks like I ran out of room.

Time to star Tri's I 5

Top eight cites I read each time I wake up.

1. DOD somebody has to yell at these people when they become foreign pawns of our enemies.

2. Google China news,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=1a06378fbaf889f  This is where I get all my scholary thoughts and theories from, front line journalist.

3. Google Communist news,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=1a06378fbaf889f

4. Meghan McCain twits

Meghan McCain 

@McCainBlogette   I am in love with this woman. Have to hear what she thinks, so cool she is. 

5. Economists Sometimes they have good articles on economic theories that advance my own. 

6. Yahoo the Associated press does a good job on feeling me in on my theories in places I might be missing a few key journalistic scholarly reports. 

7. My local newspapers, to see what is going on. Two cites. 

8. Local Black market listings so I can see who is moving around and who is in town. There is about ten cites I go through. Everyone and a while I go to an old retried NSA hack cite, where they have open cell phone collections for folks in the know. Who can advance search for key terms, new slang and anything they want to know. Just to make sure my entry code is still good. 

Rider I
Thats about the list. 

Request for Cultural Endowment from the John Birch Society.

Dear John Birch Society,

Today I find it almost impossible to find a job, or gain enrichment because of my culture. I believe in the culture of the cold war. Which was a world where, Democracy and free markets where Unionized against the mono cultural fascist centralized economic world. Where the UN did not allow critters like the Communist Chinese into its ranks, as they where fighting against them. Today, however, we see as my anti communist culture has almost but died and is funded almost no where. We see things like Indiana Governor a Republican allowing in Communist Chinese State Owned Enterprises (SOE) that help fund Hamaz, Al Queada and pretty much every terrorist that we have fought against. As the SOE, is centrally controlled by a board known as the SASAC. Which is pro-dominated by the PLA and MSS, both military institutions of the Communist Party.

Therefore, today I see no programs as we had for the cold war. Where specific scholars where enriched just to study professionally against the Soviets. Where as today we would need scholars to specifically study openly directly against the Communist Chinese. There have been a few groups that have sprung up. However, a cultural endowment specifically set up to stop the expansion of the Communist Chinese Party State Owned Enterprises has not been set up. The reason why this is needed is much similar to what we saw the German Socialist do. Where they had a mono socialist state that they enriched by collapsing the US stock market and centralizing major pockets of world trade to their State Owned Enterprise. Which they where then able to spread across Europe to help them create espionage and guerrilla enriched illegal gangs. Today, we see the same thing happening with Communist China. We can also go with the Soviet strategy that the Soviets wanted to centralize the worlds resources to them. So they could control the worlds root economic needs. Therefore, controlling the worlds economics and enrichment grids. Thus allowing them to slowly enrich the world as the German Socialist did.

I think that a cultural endowment fund for anti communist would be very necessary. As today, folks believe that anti communist are against Unions. Which is completely wrong. Abraham Lincoln created the labor Unions and Military Unions to fight against the Southern Democrats who believed strongly in Marxist and Engels genomic Communism. While during the German Socialist era, the Republicans used USA Republican Labor Unions to fight against centralization of the worlds resources and trade to the German Socialist. Then during the cold war, the Republic used labor unions across the Balkans to stop the Soviets from being able to literally take over the world via economic warfare of state owned enterprises and centralized fascist control of political parties.

Today, I am requesting an issue of cultural endowment. That will specifically help to fund scholars like myself go through school and obtain mutiple degrees. So as to enrich them in the world. Therefore, allowing the world to have a better spread of knowledge and presentation of views of the anti communist world against the Communist Chinese. Which is currently using their military and espionage to re enrich communist fascist grids the Soviets had during the cold war. To try and retake the world in a German Socialist SOE spread then military movement. However, the Communist Chinese much like the Soviets knew they had to move very spread out and take a long time to get their SOE's out and about. So they could then easily take over the world for a centralized party system controlled by them.

Please let me know if I can be the first student to be enriched by a cultural endowment funds for anti communist scholars.

Rider I

off hand first rough draft raw thoughts.

(John Birch Society Seeking Cultural Endowment for Anti Communist Culture. (n know my marxist fascist, I am part of a labor union family, as Republicasn created Unions to fight the marxist, Democratic South enslaving the Africans via Marxist Engels genomics, Republican Unions voting to get into the war with the German Socialist, and the Republican international Labor Unions fighting the Soviets)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Response to my request to become a Professional Student.

Thank you for your inquiry of April 18, 2012 requesting support from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund for personal assistance to become a professional, life-long student.

Unfortunately, the Fund cannot provide the support you seek as we do not award grants to individuals. We primarily award grants to non-profit organizations whose initiatives specifically match the strategies that are the focus of our programs. 

As we are not familiar with those agencies or foundations that do assist individuals, we would like to suggest that you contact The Foundation Center, which offers publications and other information you might find useful in your search for funding. Please visit their Web site at, write to them at 79 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10003-3076, or telephone them at 1-800-424-9836.

We regret the disappointment that this reply may cause and wish you success in finding the support you are seeking.


Grants Management
Rockefeller Brothers Fund

my response (thoughts in my head at the time look at that one day beuatiful professionalism, did not act the part of expressing outrage though as no need)

my response

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Rider I

Inquiry about Grant to the Rockefellars Brothers foundation.

Dear Rockefeller Brothers Foundation,

It would seem that your foundation would be a foundation on many levels that is in line or parallel to my personal souls conquest of life's pursuits. However, unlike a normal grant I am seeking something different something more old timeish. Where a grant is received for a program of study for a specific individual to be enriched to the public degree of 9 Collegiate degrees, or what used to be known as cloud nine. I have not seen a program anywhere that still allows such a grant, for a student to pursue  professional collegiate degree course of nine degrees. 

I do believe my goals in life which are Democracy for every person to vote on matters of their own governance. Where I practiced my belief when I was a Senator of California State University Long Beach. Obtaining a vote to allow each student to have a chance to be polled online for their ideas of the administration of student body legislation. Where I also believe my ideas with regards to how Iraq and Afghanistan where a complete plow like North Korean and Vietnam was to destroy Democracy and free markets by the international Communist party. Where I proved in writings by specific characters of the Communist Chinese Party and their wishes to draw the US into a Charlie Wilson style liquidation war so the US and Democracy countries could be implode to allow the Communist Chinese to expand. Where my push for a show of proper international development through proxy war was shown highly decorated outline of ideas in Libya. Where the people, where able to fight their own war, costs where less and developmental structure destruction was very little. Furthermore, my idea shows a better more sustainable route to world development, as opposed to the Vietnam, North Korean style dealing with fascist Communist Party centralization of world lands and wealth to their control. Which is very far away from the idea of Democracy as those cultures will not get to vote for their governance or control their own economy, if the Communist Chinese proceed where the German Socialist and Soviets failed. Along these lines I currently have the worlds biggest collection of Communist Chinese intel on four webpages I keep for my own personal souls desires. Where I use the page to write orders, directions and ideas via different pysdo names to help develop the world into a Democracy and away from a fascist mono party world rule. 

The main points of my life seem to fit directly into the foundations main desires to grant and help people with. It is my belief that if there was foundation that would help an old souls wish for professional collegiate desires of cloud nine obtainment. Your foundation would probable be one of the only ones to even understand the desire for what ideas and the outline that I so hold dear to my soul.

The issue of my request is, does the foundation have a grant to help students become professional life long students learning as their heart desires and living a comfortable life to help Peacefully, Develop the world into a more Democracy and less fascist world view and goverance?

Rider I

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I am about to start hitting every single CEO who was bullied into a Communist SOE

I have dead soldiers, agents and peaceful scholars with Communist Chinese MSS agents written all over them. I have terrorist cells heavily enriched with Communist Chinese PLA and MSS activities, and I have the majority of world terrorist groups on the highest list being protected by the Communist Chinese in NATO, the UN and with military force in General to General speech.

So any CEO who has allowed a US Corporation be bullied into a Communist Party monopolized State Owned Joint Venture will now start to see what US citizens can do.

Rider I
Symantec was my first one. TEXTRON is my next target. N I have companies ready to to stand against the Communist for their own ability to own their own company in Communist China to hire workers they like and not who the Communist Chinese like to work on their products and work their own owned business. That will get US love away from the likes of SYMANTECT and TEXTRON.

As the letter was sent to SYMANTEC without the heads of the business knowing. Let CESSNA and TEXTRON know of which jobs will be taken from their leadership who know is bullied into enriching Communist Party members over chosen Chinese Democracy members. That we have another free enterprises that we are looking at to replace jobs and all chairs will be asked by the company to rehire.

I want examples made and I want folks dethroned. If is the bully game we play then our free enterprise will see that no one bullies the US economic masters of craft. Play the game. 

CESSNA should re think its joint ventures with the Communist Chinese Party State Owned Enterprises.

Textron's get's 40% of its US domestic current market place from Government contracts. If the CESSNA goes through with a working plan to become a Communist State Owned Enterprise. It will be treated exactly like SYMANTEC was and all US contracts will be dropped. You should make the fight for your company to stay a free enterprise corporation and not become a Communist State Owned Enterprise. Where the Political party controls the dealings of CESSNA through espionage and military control through the SASAC. I suggest you rethink your contracts and your fight for freedom and Democracy with your company. As your actions will help Destroy Democracy and Free Markets by given into their State Owned Enterprise bullying. 

Within a few months from the loss of your government contracts your business will cease to exist and we will give the contracts to a US free enterprise not connected to Communist State Owned Enterprise control.

Rider I
Communist China funds every one of the US's enemies and every terrorist in the world that wishes to destroy Democracy or free markets or the US or West is protected by their State Owned Enterprise and Mono fascist party system. 

The US can play the bullying game too. But we bully for free enterprises and Democracy not for terrorism, or State Owned Enterprise mono fascist control.